Powering the Economy of Ghana

The Volta River Authority has, since 1961, harnessed the resources of the Volta River to provide electrical energy for industrial, commercial and domestic use in Ghana, as well as transportation, fishing and recreation. - Read more

Power Outlook Update on Power Generation - Facts & Figures

Information about our energy generation activities.


Akosombo Lake Levels Akosombo Lake Level

245.05 feet
74.691 meters

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
[View year 2013 level]

Inside VRA

Some programmes slated for the week are as follows:

September 15 - 19

Training in Report Writing for selected Staff

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Conservation Tip for the Day

Make maximum use of sunlight during the day. Drapes or curtains on windows and doors are to be drawn apart during day time, for natural light to reduce need for electrical lights inside the home.

Visiting our Plants

Visiting our plants

Guidelines and procedures on visiting our hydro and thermal plants. Click here to get started >>